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Picturesque Poetics | Poetry in English

Bring in the epic intro:
Once upon a time when it was still on the agenda to make a living off art, Florian Arleth conducted a workshop in the course of the DOVETAIL project - an artistical exchange between Karlsruhe and its sister city in Great Britain, Nottingham. The concept of the workshop intended to combine the juggling of balls with the juggling of words and even though it paid that month's rent, it was rather unsuccessful in teaching the 30+ attendants how to juggle.

A further yield of this workshop was the acquaintance of Anne Holloway, Stephen Ashburn and Joshua Judson -- three writers from Nottingham. A couple of months later, the WORTSCHMIEDE Project, funded over the period of 12 months by the Kulturbüro Karlsruhe, came to life. Within the course of this project (the basic idea of which was to offer free literary tutelage to anybody interested and to furthermore establish a creative dialogue with Karlsruhe's sister cities), a closed group on Facebook was created and invitations were sent out to artistical acquaintances from Germany and Great Britain. Ten months later, the results of this digital collaboration were sufficient to constitute a book thick enough in order to have a spine. And another ten months later, the book came out on paper, an instance that will hopefully justify this lengthy introduction.

Here comes the picture break: 

An overview of the eight 
picture-poetry collaborations. 

The book features eight poems by six authors inspired by eight pictures taken by seven cameras. A short explanation of the idea behind Picturesque Poetics and the back cover can be found below:

Since this book (as well as this blog post) is in English and moreover features six British artists (the book, that is), we decided to publish it in Nottingham. With Georgina Wilding and her MUD PRESS publishing house we found the perfect collaborator to make this project happen. Georgina is a B.A. graduate in creative and professional writing from the University of Nottingham and founded her publishing house only recently. With its universitarian background and the aim, to publish poetry, it turned out to be the perfect harbor for an English rendition of our Lyrik im Quadrat-series. Plus she also had a talented illustrator at hand (Shaun Rafferty) who did a subtle graphical rendition of the Picturesque Poetics' front cover (which was, by the way, shot in Edgar Barowski's courtyard in Karlsruhe):

We decided to keep the front cover clean of logos, 
from which Shaun used the respecitve primary colors. 

The book can soon be bought in the shop of Mud Press. 

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